How to travel Peru


Traveling through Peru can be very cheap, but also very expensive. If you are satisfied with a simple hostel, basic food and less comfortable travel, you have to pay between 10, -and 20€/day. If everything should be a little bit better, then you should have a budget between 50-70€/day.

The sellers, bus and taxi drivers, but also the restaurant owners like to charge more for foreigners, but in our case they were very honest. Helicopter flights are also more expensive, for example via Machu Picchu or via the Nazca lines, and also the entrance fees are not that cheap.

ATMs are available in the big cities.
We recommend BCP(no fees) or Scotiabank!


Our Route:
Lima - Huaraz - Lima(stopover) - Ica, Huacachina - Arequipa - Cusco -Agues Calientes - Cusco
Travel Time: 3-4 Weeks


When you travel longer distance
They have 3 big companies:
Cruz del sur
Movil Tours

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From Agues Calientes to Machu Pichu (115€)

In the city you can drive by little taxis like tuk tuk in thailand.
But also you can use registered taxis. 
(Uber is available)

Alvin Bechter